Visions of grace…

I know, I know… As an American, I should have been absolutely heartbroken over poor Michelle Kwan’s early departure from the US Olympic team. Realistically, though, the girl has had her time in the sun, so to speak.


Two words, people: Sasha Cohen. C’mon, now. Do we have anyother Olympic athlete to appear on Project Runway, and cause the designers to lose their un-ambiguously-homosexual-composure like Sasha did with cute little Nick…

nick projrun.jpg

And, granted, she did win first in the short program, but I’ve got a new favorite… Kimmie is so cute, and was just so purely excited to have skated in the Olympics. Nevermind all this nonsense going on with the men’s speed skating. She just wants to skate! And is sooo thrilled.

kimmie olympics.jpg

I just love these girls. So graceful, so sweet. Just beautiful.


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